Blacer - About us

The Blacer esport organization was founded 4 year ago.Blacer organizes a lot of online/offline tournaments around the world.

Due to no skill limit restrictions, everyone is able to take part in competetive gaming and earn revenue. Thanks to this, our tournaments gather thousands of players and even more viewers on both our Twitch and Youtube channels.

Blacer esport organization has the best world players the following games: Starcraft 2, Dota 2, League of Legends, Counter-Strike:Global Offensive, Hearthstone, Fortnite.

The Blacer Limited was registered in England but main office place in Poland. Blacer players take a part at the biggest tournaments in the world, about which you can also read as IEM, WESG, GSL, WCS

Blacer Сoin

Let’s make better esport with BlacerCoins. Blacer is first esports team on
the blockchain

We use Blacer Coins as a payment method supporting the prize pool.
Players get these coins as a reward for winning tournaments and can
exchange them in our Blacer Shop for gaming hardware such as mouses,
keyboards or headphones. Additionally, players are able to trade this
currency on the market for BTC.

But you can do even more with it! Some exclusive, high-tier tournaments
require an entry fee that is imposed in Blacer Coin. Placing high in them
grants the players the ability to win even more money and expensive items.
We use the blockchain technology to create a worldwide player rating
system. Using this feature, gamers will be able to learn their value on the
progaming market, calculate how much they could earn, find sponsors and
improve their skill by finding a suitable opponent on the same skill level.