Blacer - Ceh9 told how to improve CS: GO broadcasts

Ceh9 told how to improve CS: GO broadcasts

Arseny ceh9 Trinozhenko explained why eSports broadcasts should not blindly copy ideas from a great sport. According to the commentator, the audience of CS: GO and Dota 2 tournaments is different from football fans. He also said that broadcasts in the CIS should borrow as many elements as possible from English-language streams.

Arseny Ceh9 Trinozhenko

“It seems to me that it is a great folly to strive to do what you have in football or another big sport with a carbon copy. You can take the best. In life in general, you must always choose the best. This applies not only to eSports, but generally everything. You see how the dude sweeps up cool – ask him for a chip. There are many things that need to be taken from football, but we must remember that our audience is different.

Be sure to strive [to do so, as in the English-language stream]. If we look at all the areas, everything that is happening here in the CIS is a copy of Western things. You also need to do your own thing and even try to export it to that market. And about the fact that English-speaking casters easier – yes. And they earn more money, and therefore their motivation is higher, and they constantly attend championships. ”

Ceh9 became a commentator for RuHub studio in 2015. From 2018, he began to comment, not only CS: GO, but also PUBG. He participated in the tournament for streamers in the “royal battle” of Brendan Green and took 23rd place there.

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