Blacer - “I hate this card.” Professional gamblers shared their opinions about Vertigo

“I hate this card.” Professional gamblers shared their opinions about Vertigo

Professional CS: GO players told how they feel about the new Vertigo map. In the comments for the DBLTAP channel, many agreed that at this stage the location is damp for a competitive pool.

Jonathan EliGE Jablonowski: “Personally, I do not like this card. Not to say that I hate directly … In my opinion, the new changes of point A are a step in the right direction. They still need to refine this point, but the vector is right. I also like to punch B for the attack. In general, I believe that the defense side of Vertigo is very difficult. ”

Markus Kjaerbye Kebyu: “(sighs) I hate this card. I hate it.

Jesper JW Bill: “This is a fun card, but no more. I do not consider it suitable for a competitive pool. It does not suit cybersport at all. ”

Eric adreN Haag: “In my opinion, everything is not so bad. A lot of good things have already happened to the map. Initially, point A was just awful, but the developers quickly worked on it. And so everything is not bad: there is a center, it can be controlled, drag on B. Plant A needs to continue to refine, this is definitely not the final version.

I believe in the power of Valve – the same Overpass was initially very bad. And some other cards were not very. ”

Nathan NBK Schmitt: “This is quite interesting. But I would prefer to see other cards. For example, Tuscan … I also did not play on the new version of Cobblestone, but in France we love it.

What I like about Vertigo is that the teams approach it differently. And so you can see how teams relate to the map. But we still need a number of additions to make Vertigo a good card. ”

Vertigo replaced Cache in the competitive card pool at the end of March.