Blacer - Patch 9.21 Released for Fortnite – New Weapons and Temporary Modes

Patch 9.21 Released for Fortnite – New Weapons and Temporary Modes

Epic Games has posted details of Fortnite patch 9.21. With him in the game will be a new weapon – a touch grenade launcher in the “Royal Battle” and the Plasmatron-9000 in the “Battle with the Storm”. From June 13, a new “Onslaught of Horde” mode will also appear in the shooter.

Touch rocket launcher (“Royal Battle”):
Along the arc launched a projectile, which bounces off surfaces and explodes near the enemy.
Available in epic and legendary versions.
You can find in chests, cargo drones, supplies with supplies and vending machines.
Semi-automatic weapons.
Spends rocket ammunition.
Contains 2 high explosive charge.
Rate of fire: 0.65 shots per second.
The response radius per player: 250 units (approximately half the width of a single cell).
Blast radius: 300 units (approximately 60% of the width of a single cell).
Explosion Damage:
Player: 67/70 units.
Surrounding objects: 131/138 units.
Recharge rate: 2.8 / 3 c.
Shells explode automatically after 10 s. or shortly before a full stop.

Plasmatron-9000 (“Battle of the Storm”):
Automatic pistol that shoots expanding
Plasma rings punching enemies through and through. Suitable for close range combat.
The item is available from 03:00 on Thursday, June 13, until 03:00 next Thursday, June 20 (Moscow time).
Temporary regimes and missions:
A single shot is a pair of battles:
Low gravity. Each player has 50 points of health. Only sniper rifles are available from weapons, and only bandages from medical items.

Horde rush:
Mode for a squad of four players, several stages of combat.
Get ready to defend yourself – look for weapons and objects, get materials and build defenses.
Earn points by destroying nightmares, collecting points multipliers and destroying nightmare generators.
After the battle, continue to search for materials and equipment.
Go to another area of ​​the map to the next defensive line.

Revival is available before the start of the last stage, in which players must destroy the nightmare boss and the crowd of his minions.
Look for special loot chests with powerful weapons and points multipliers.
Quantum countdown (“Battle of the Storm”):
In this simulation, an unstable bomb is teleporting around your base. Brains are attracted by the energy of the bomb, and they are trying to destroy it. Watch the location of the bomb and react quickly, because the buzzers will choose new, sometimes unexpected routes.
This new simulation in “War Games” will allow you to get a little more event tickets and a new flag, and at the same time will make a variety of daily tasks.

More information about the patch can be found here.