Blacer - Tickets for WCS Summer Kiev are on sale now!

Tickets for WCS Summer Kiev are on sale now!

The second tournament 2019 WCS Circuit will be held in Kiev Cybersport Arena, in the same place where the spring tournament of the series ended. In May, the Arena was filled with StarCraft II fans, and now the entire community has the opportunity to watch the next stage live – WCS Summer!

Tickets are available on Saturday and Sunday, July 13 and 14, via the link Please note that the ticket gives the right to enter, but does not guarantee a place to sit, so we recommend taking seats in the morning and enjoying the best StarCraft II all day. You can occupy any seat inside the Arena if you have a ticket.

And here are some more important things about entrance tickets:

• WCS Summer will not have free entry.
• On Friday, the Arena will be open only to players and the press.
• WCS Summer players will receive entry on all tournament days.
• If a player has a guest or an attendant, he will be able to access the Arena on Saturday and Sunday. But the player must inform the organizers of the tournament in advance.